Mark Wilkinson is a successful, and highly regarded self-taught photographer. He delights in taking portraits in simple settings and extracting every last ounce of colour, texture and, crucially, natural light. Mark prides himself on working with an entry level Canon SLR, and a variety of lenses, though mainly a standard 50mm f1.8 lens. His personal photographic journey started when he was bought the wonderful Olympus Trip for his 12th birthday.


Anne Wagstaff moved to Tunbridge Wells in 2010, having known it all her life. Frequent visits to her grandfather’s home in St James’ Road, walks on the Common, climbing on the rocks and running along the Pantiles are a rich memory of her childhood. She is an aspiring potter and hosts art classes in her idyllic studio.


Both Anne and Mark have a curiosity about people and what makes them tick. This project has been a blending of their differing approaches to trying to seek out a cohesive portrait of Tunbridge Wells.